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About Bar Pitti

Bar Pitti is a renowned Italian restaurant located in the vibrant streets of Greenwich Village. Our restaurant is a unique blend of New York’s charm and authentic Italian cuisine. We offer a menu that boasts simple yet delicious Italian dishes made using traditional recipes. Our dishes are perfect for anyone looking for an exquisite taste of Italy in the heart of the city. Come and experience the perfect blend of urban ambiance and Italian flavors at Bar Pitti.

At Bar Pitti, we believe in the power of outdoor dining and people-watching to enhance the culinary experience. Our patrons delight in the lively atmosphere as they enjoy time-honored Italian staples, such as our highly recommended veal meatballs or tempting spaghetti with lobster. The restaurant’s relaxed setting, combined with an evident passion for genuine Italian cooking, resonates deeply with both locals and visitors.

We maintain an unwavering commitment to quality, from the sourcing of our ingredients to the careful preparation of each plate. Our popularity not only stems from the paramount dining experience we provide but also from the testament of satisfied diners and curious onlookers drawn to the vibrant and welcoming of Bar Pitti. Whether seeking a casual lunch or a hearty dinner, our restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in New York City.

Bar Pitti is currently owned and operated by Giovanni Tognozzi, who maintains the restaurant’s commitment to authentic Italian cuisine and a welcoming dining experience.


Bar Pitti is situated in the dynamic neighborhood of Greenwich Village, at 268 Avenue of the Americas, New York. The restaurant’s central location makes it a convenient dining spot for both locals and tourists exploring the city.


The staple of Bar Pitti is its Italian dishes, crafted from traditional recipes. The menu often features specials written on a chalkboard, which regulars eagerly anticipate. Seasonal offerings such as veal meatballs and spaghetti with lobster are particularly popular, faithfully reflecting the tastes of Italy.


The atmosphere of Bar Pitti is characterized by its bustling, lively energy. With a big outdoor patio, the restaurant offers an excellent people-watching experience alongside dining. This spot strikes the perfect balance between a casual yet trendy dining environment, ideal for a range of occasions.

Dining Experience

When visiting Bar Pitti, we’re greeted by an authentic Italian atmosphere that promises a noteworthy culinary journey. The dining experience here is characterized by a select range of delectable dishes, attentive service, and a vibrant, bustling environment.

Menu Highlights

  • Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana: A must-try pasta dish, consisting of broad, flat noodles in a savory tomato and cream sauce, lauded for its richness and flavor.
  • Panna Cotta: An Italian dessert staple, renowned for its creamy texture and often served with a berry compote or caramel sauce.

The menu showcases both traditional Italian cuisine and contemporary interpretations, ensuring a dish to satisfy every palate.


Bar Pitti is celebrated for their Italian specialties that capture the essence of authentic Italian dining. Two noteworthy mentions include:

  • Daily Specials: Unique creations that aren’t found on the regular menu, often inspired by seasonal ingredients and traditional Italian regional recipes.
  • Cash-Only Policy: An emphasis on the traditional, ensuring a focus on the dining experience rather than modern payment distractions.

Service Quality

Our service experience at Bar Pitti is marked by:

  • Attention to Detail: Staff show a commitment to customer satisfaction through their attentive and responsive service.
  • Italian Charm: The service team is not only efficient but also exudes the warmth and hospitality Italy is known for.

This combination ensures that each visit to Bar Pitti is met with an enjoyable atmosphere and memorable service.

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